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Personal development

Business Coaching

Systemic coaching is about helping you to “see” the key variables from the below three worlds, how they interact, how they help or get in the way, and what you can do to change the system in favour of your leadership vision and desired results:

  • The Face – to Face-World: e.g. our personal interactions with another person(s) and their personal interactions with you and other key stakeholders (internal and external);
  • The Larger External World: client’s organization (e.g. RBI Group its business customers and marketplace;
  • The Deeper Internal World:  How/what a person think and feel their mental models/underlying assumptions their deeper beliefs and in some cases their deeper personal story;

There are two fundamental reasons why a systemic approach is critical to effective coaching:

  • We are in fact systems living in larger systems and are all interconnected. A systems perspective gives us holistic access to the fullness of this interconnection.
  • The organizational system has significant impact on the person´s ability to achieve desired results. Systems approach helps understanding how the forces in the internal and external systems influence person´s ability to create desired results and increase success rate.

Systems thinking is a powerful way to understand ourselves, one another, and our world.


Executive Coaching

Strategic Executive Coaching, systemic approach, is:

  • Systematic – following defined and agreed steps milestones and timeframes
  • Result-oriented – focusing on individual objectives with business impact
  • Tailored – adapting to the needs of both the organization and the executive
  • Aligned – linking personal and organizational needs to a holistic approach and process
  • Strategic – helping reinforce business strategy and achieve organizational goals

Reflexion, Self-Awareness, as well as Awareness of Others, are crucial in order to better understand ourselves, one – another and our environment. Supervision is a process that allows us to reflect, to learn and to better understand different perceptions and perspectives on the same situation.

It is a process that provides an outside (“meta”) perspective and allows us to think about different ideas, hypotheses and attitudes in a certain environment. “Meta” is a prefix that means “always changing” or “transforming” and in reality, “depending on it´s context”.


Supervision (1:1)

Systemic thinking aims to make new connections between beliefs, behaviours and relationships in order to help positive change happen.

Supervision helps professionals to reflect on their leadership styles and methods and can provide many different perspectives in order to be supported and to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the leader / mentor or coach, their clients and their organisations.

There are 5 stages of supervision, which leaders can use with their employees, being:

  • Provide employees with the tools they need to do their jobs.
  • Provide employees with the training they need to do their jobs.
  • Help employees set goals to improve their performance.
  • Become a resource as a leader.
  • Hold staff accountable.

Holistic Wellbeing Coaching (Care / Crisis Calls)

We live in challenging, fast developing times, where Change often is the only constant. Therefore it is important that we take a good care of ourselves (on physical, on cognitive, as well as on emotional level). Only that way we will be able to take care of our work, our family and our environment. This kind of coaching provides a mix of various counselling tools and methods, depending very much on the individual personal situation of the coachee.

If you are in a process of transformation, if you are close to or have reached already all your personal borders, if you don´t see any further paths on your leadership and / or personal journey, then this coaching can provide you the necessary insights, support and help.