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My Personal Story

Personal Story

Christiana was born and grew-up in Bulgaria and is living since over 20 years in Vienna, Austria.

When she moved, she was 25 and had with herself a suitcase of clothes, a suitcase of books and her (at that time) 4-year old son.

She moved to another country without knowing anyone, but having the promise of a large Austrian bank for a promising job and career.

This was a “jump into the cold water”, totally out of her “comfort zone, however looking at this from today’s perspective – the best decision of her life.

After spending over 10 years at the international financial industry sector, the next big transformation came – leaving the banking career behind, startingagain from scratch. For this second big transformation lots of courage was needed, however Christiana stayed true to herself and her own values and beliefs, and the result was: successful development of her own company.

In 2021 Christiana was named Best Business Coach in Vienna (

Christiana is a very positive, high energy person, always believing and seeing the best in the people and helping them to become more happy and content in their lives and on their leadership journeys.

And speaking about journeys, this saying is so true: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”, Lao Tzu

What would be your next step on your journey? Get in touch with Christiana.